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The primary aim of this site is to be an useful resource for any females wanting to compete in figure competitions in the UK. On this site you will find information on federations, tips for competing, on-plan recipes, and links to useful online resources. In addition the site also aims to provide details to people, in general, who are wishing to embark on a fitness routine and/or wanting to start a healthy eating plan.  The site is presented on the home page as a blog which you can read from start to finish, but all the posts are also linked into the appropriate sections listed at the top.

I am a 30 year old female, who has been lifting weights since 2008. A self pronounced computer geek who due to my line of work spends too much time sitting on her butt.  I have recently had my first child (Feb 2012) and after successfully competing in a figure competition in April 2011 I have decided I want to get back into shape for another competition in the near future.

This site is a cumulation of the research I have undertaken over the last 5 years and some of the information given is based on my own opinions. I would like to encourage comments and feedback, so please feel free to speak your mind about anything on the site and inform me of anything you feel may be missing, or likewise anything you may feel is out of place.

The small print: I must state that I have no qualifications in health or fitness (yet) and all my information comes from trial and error on myself (and my lovely patient friends and family :) ) and research on fitness sites.

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March 7, 2012

Meg @ 7:36 am #

Great looking site! Way to go. Look forward to seeing more and good luck with getting back into figure competition after having a child.

August 26, 2015

Angela McCall @ 1:31 pm #


Wondered if I could pick your brains.
My name is Angela McCall. I’ve always been sports mad and actually trained as one of the first 10 Metabolic Effect instructors in the UK under Jade teta himself (I see you’ve read the book). I am also an avid Insanity Workout fan.

However, I lost my mojo for a while and looking for something to really push towards and have always fancied a fitness competition.

I’ve had two girls (currently 3 and 5 years in age) and I am currently 38.

My career is spent being a sole-trader designing websites and coaching other SME’s how to maximise their advertising budgets. So like you a computer geek, who spends a lot of time stationary hunched over a desk/pc.

I just wondering really if I am biting off more then I can chew?
If I am past it etc?

A char would be great – but I totally understand if you are to busy.
BTW I’ve some cool suggestions on how you could monetise this website!

Angela x

February 25, 2017

Rachel Metcalfe @ 6:50 pm #

Hi Angela,

I’m working on a new TV programme for MTV and we are looking for women who lift to take part.

I’d love to chat to you a little more about it to tell you about the concept and see if you might be interested or perhaps, if it’s not right for you, you might know someone!

My number is 07762291728 or you can get me on my email which is rachel.metcalfe@twofour.co.uk.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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