Workouts & Challenges


I will be providing details of workouts, training systems and challenges that I have done and will be doing in preparation for my next figure competition. This includes strength training, circuit training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

I would like to point out from the start that I am not a qualified fitness instructor. This means simply that any exercise routine or meal plan I post are ones I use myself and have created through trail, error and research. Please be aware of your own body and if you find something hurts when you do it then don’t do it.


Metabolic Training has become a very popular type of workout for people who want to burn a high number of calories in a short space of time, because these workouts are intense they are ideal for people who already have a certain level of fitness.

On-line Fitness Challenges

BodyRock TV 30 Day Challenge

I took part in the BodyRock.TV 30 Day Challenge in April 2012.  I found the short high intensity workouts ideal to fit around my childs naps and they were extremely challenging.  Here’s how I did on their Day 1 – Fitness Test.

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